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Imaginative Ramblings is about a guy who is extremely passionate about all things related to gaming and other forms of media. Here I will give my reviews on games and the occasional analysis and opinion pieces about certain types of media and their influence on my life and their place in the history of creative media.  I will normally play until completion of any story driven single player games unless something game breaking gets in the way. The same goes for multiplayer games.

Minimum of two hours will be kept to when reviewing a single player game. For online focused games a minimum of 50 hours will be taken before the game is reviewable.

I do not enjoy most Racing Games, Visual Novels/Dating Sims or Sports Games.

Please note that currently, I am writing part time as I am  studying so I cannot do the most recent of releases. I will try to keep a consistent upload schedule but studies may take over depending on the work load.

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