Disco Elyium HoF.jpg

Disco Elysium  offers an RPG experience that few games can hope to match.  Witty and full of heart, Disco Elysium ranks among the best RPGs on the market. 

Stickfight the game HoFjpg.jpg

Stickfight  is an immensely fun brawler.  Made all the more enjoyable by how comedic the matches can become. Perfect for gaming nights and  parties. 


Superhot is the most innovative shooter I have played in years.

The Sexy Brutale HoF.jpg

Filled with wit,  charm and atmosphere.  The Sexy Brutale hosts a party you should not miss out on. 

Hellblade HoF.jpg

Ninja Theory's depiction of mental illness is done with care and respect. Nightmarish but never unsympathetic. Hellblade is a game that needs to be played  by everyone. 

Divinity Orginal Sin 2 HoF.jpg

Densely packed and finely polished.  Divinity Original Sin 2 will draw the player into a epic tale of friendship, gods and a romance between a rat and a turtle.

What remains of Edith Finch HoF.jpg

Evocative and powerful.  What Remains of Edith Finch is a powerful example of interactive story telling and a standout entry in the Walking Sim genre

Glass Masquerade HoF.jpg

Beautiful, simple, elegant and almost flawless.  Glass Masquerade provides magnificent imagery and rewarding easy gameplay.

Undertale HoF.jpg

A RPG where no one needs to die and you can date a skeleton?  What more can be said really?

System Shock2 HoF.jpg

A terrifying Science Fiction romp with one of the best villains.  A classic that has aged quite well.

Cuphead HoF.jpg

Even though it sometimes left me angry.  Sometimes it throws a cheap shot.  But Cuphead is a undeniable achievement in interactive art.

Deltarune HoF.jpg

No skeletal romance to be found here.  However,  chapter one of Deltarune blows away all worries of failure to match Undertale with wit, intelligence and maturity.  A wonderful little game that makes me happy in ways only great art can make one happy.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 HoF.jpg

The main inspiration behind the Jump, Run and Fun category.  Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is as fun back in the late 1990s as it is now.  As well as having a remarkably good if cheesy at times sound track.

Saints Row 4 HoF.jpg

While some of the missions might get a little samey.  The jokes hit bullseyes and it is just fun to wack Shakespeare quoting Aliens into orbit with a candy striped dildo bat.

Portal HoF.jpg

With hilarious writing and voice acting.  The Portal games are a comedic gem.  But the brilliance of the puzzles and the portal gun make

Rayman Legends HoF.jpg

Not only tightly designed and beautiful to look at but the sheer sense of fun that permeates the game easily makes this one of the best platformers out there. 

Doki Doki Lit Club HoF.jpg

Doki Doki Literature Club!

A cute Dating Sim about dating cute girls,  then everything goes wrong.  Doki Doki Literature Club takes the player down a harrowing journey of  a Dating Sim gone wrong. 

Witcher 3 HoF.jpg

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

A lovely night to remember.  An open world sand box where the story never takes a back seat to meaningless side quests.  Everything means something and no one is left behind. 

Dragon Age Origins HoF.jpg

Dragon Age Origins

While it aged badly graphics wise.  The story, characters and gameplay are more then enough to make up for the dull gray environments. 

Red Alert 2 HoF.jpg

Red Alert 2

The height of the series,  Red Alert 2 offers constant laughs and compelling RTS gameplay that even I am decently good at. 

Bloodborne HoF.jpg

A modern masterpiece, From Software Gothic-Lovecraftian horror epic is not forgotten easily.

Hades HoF.jpg

Hades is an immensely fun hack and slash Roguelike with compelling writing and lovable characters.  

Amnesia dark Descent HoF.jpg

A classic in the Survival Horror horror genre in every way. Amnesia: The Dark Descent mustn't be forgotten.

RE2 HoF.jpg

Capcom is in something of a golden age at the moment. And this remake of a classic (yet flawed) entry in the RE series is well worth playing. 

Dishonored HoF.jpg

Dishonored is a damn near perfect game in terms of it's stealth gameplay,  level design and writing. 

Bioshock Infinte HoF.jpg

As thought provoking as the first Bioshock but without the performance problems.  Bioshock Infinite marries a swashbuckling tone and gameplay with engaging and memorable characters and story. 

Arcadletra HoF.jpg

A nightmare made interactive: Arcadletra is simple but an extremely effective Walking Simulator.  Definitely the best in the collection.

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