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Changes and updates to IR


Is what I say to the outdated reviews.

Hey guys and girls! Sorry about the long silence in terms of content, I am currently working on the Deus Ex review. But, I am also preparing for something new and hopefully interesting for IR. That is the reason why I didn’t introduce shorter games to break up the long play time with Deus Ex. And with that said, on with the show!

What is going on here?

The cards will tell.

I am currently preparing Imaginative Ramblings for Google AdSense. This means that I can place some ads in order to help maintain IR. As a result I have to alter the title cards for my blog pages due to them not complying with Google requirements. I will also have to remove the “A word to you” sections in all my posts, along with properly sourcing my hyperlinks. I will too be taking the opportunity to re-evaluate some of my previous blog posts and opinions. Some are due to them becoming outdated (Warframe and Dead Cells) and others due to changing opinions and general maturing (Prince of Persia and Spec Ops: The Line).

Here is the full list of games that are going to be re-evaluated or removed for IR’s blog list:


1. Warframe (Outdated)

2. Rocket League (Outdated)

3. Dead Maze (Outdated)

4. Terraria (Outdated)


1. Spec Ops: The Line (might not be as good as once thought)

2. Dead Cells (Outdated)

3. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time (Unfair towards)

4. The Witcher Enhanced Edition (Unfair towards)

5. Until Dawn ( Article is of low quality)

6. Outland (Unfair towards)

7. Thief 3 (Poor quality article)

8. Overcast-Waldern and the Warewolf (Poor quality article)

9. Layers of Fear (Poor quality)

10. Dark Souls 3 (Used class that was unrepresentative of the game’s true difficulty)

11. Vampire: The Masquerade-Bloodlines (Unfair towards)

Removed title from The Hall of Infamy

We are digging deep into the games of ages past.

Ragnarok online: I tried it again recently and it is nowhere near as bad as I remember it being. Truth be told, Ragnarok Online is a perfectly fine title. It might not be my cup of tea, but it most certainly doesn’t deserve to be among the likes of Hunt Down the Freeman or Guinea-Pig. It will be the first game to be removed from the Halls. I haven’t decided on if a game will take it’s place or if it will be simply left vacant. We will find out soon enough.


I would like to thank my friend Gerrit who created the great art that I will be using for my blog going forward. He is a great guy who did an awesome job. I look forward to trying out all of these again; hopefully have some good experiences and most importantly give you, dear readers, and great content!

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