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Dead Maze closed Beta review: Not so dead.

(Written on December 24th of 2017, this will be for historical proposes only, all screenshots used are from Steam store)

When a friend of mine told me about this game I rolled my eyes, a zombie survival game with crafting elements has been done so many times it might as well be the Steam mascot considering how many of those things have swarmed the store page like a...horde of zombies. But then I found out that it was an MMO, a little bit of a point in its favour even if an MMO with zombies has been done before. Then I found out that it had an isometric 2d game play and art style which got me even more interested as I don’t think that has been done too often either. So I have taken a look and let me talk about it.

As this is a MMO there is not really much story to it, a massive tsunami strikes the coast of the US and zombies happen somehow, I honestly don’t know how the zombies happen apart from that it is a video game and zombies always happen. You then play as your custom survivor working though the day trying to insure they last until the next day. There could be more of a story later in the game I will need to see.

The game play and controls are decent if a little frustrating currently, the game play is somewhat shallow just hitting the closest zombie to you with whatever you happen to have armed, there are skills you can acquire and use as you level up but they are not that useful asides from increasing damage for a short term. Different weapons have different effects when attacking like hitting slower or faster, have knock back etc. It helps spice it up but sadly it can easily get boring when grinding which is what you are going to be doing a lot of in a MMO. Inventory is very small and can be filled up quickly so you either have to use up weapons or run very slowly (there is no sprint function in the game at the moment) back to a fire to consume the high amounts of food and drink you would have gathered (you cannot eat or drink without resting at a campfire by the way) or burn all the useless junk you have picked up. You cannot drop any items please keep in mind.

The translation from French to English is well done with no spelling errors except for certain menus that seem to be still in French; it is very strange to leave something as big as menu options untranslated. Please keep in mind that (hopefully) this will be fixed by the time Dead Maze leaves closed beta. The servers have been running smoothly, I cannot say how many players are active in game but it seems healthy enough, I strongly recommend playing this game with friends if you can.

The game does has a nice colourful art style that helps it stand out from the heaving mass of zombie games. I won’t deny it does look a little cheap and animation is somewhat stiff but again this could be improved upon in the final release.

Dead Maze is not the most original game I have played but it is not the worst. I did enjoy my time with it and will give it a go when the game is released. There is room for improvement but in its current state it is enjoyable.

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