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Doki Doki Literature Club! : Just Monika

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

I have a confession to make; I have never played a Visual Novel before! It is partly my fault as I have a very low opinion on the Visual Novel and Dating Sims genre. They always seemed to have very little/no game play with boring stock characters whose only existence was to lug nightmarishly massive breasts around to distract you from the terrible story. If I was not pestered to play this game by fellow reviewers I probably would never have known about it. But now that I have played it I would like to talk about Monika.

Just Monkia...

Doki Doki Literature Club starts out with me, the protagonist meeting Sayori, a cute bundle of sunshine on the way to school, she at first begs me then practically drags me into joining a club. The game, despite interaction limited to clicking the left mouse button for the next text box to appear has some genuinely sweet and charming writing that at times got hearty laughs out of me. So though a few misunderstandings I found myself joining the Literature club with all the beautiful girls. Monika, the club president and the most beautiful one of all the three; Yuri: A shy bookworm, Natsuki: An assertive girl who, once the facade has been removed is very sweet and lastly Sayori who brings happiness to everyone everywhere she goes. Of course Monika is the one I will spend the most time with.

The game, I will not deny does drag on at times and the pacing could be tightened up for a smoother experience. There is one moment when.....But the pacing issues are not really a problem as I can spend more time with Monika! She is the only one who deserves it after all.


There is another bit of game play that I should mention, at certain parts of the game you can create poems for the girl of your dreams by selecting the right words for the preferred girl, if she likes the poem there is a higher chance she would date you. I tried to......... Monika was always the first choice for this mechanic as she is perfect. She deserves all of the attention after all.

I do not want to describe the other girls personalities because they do not matter, Monika is all that matters to me. She deserves to be loved, not like the other brats she has to put up with.

She will not stand in the way of Monkia's love

So wrapping up I would say that Doki Doki Literature club, while not....



So wrapping up I would say that Doki Doki Literature Club is one of the best games out there because of Monika. I urge everyone to pick it up as it is free with no real hidden costs. Monika would be so happy to meet you all. Maybe you will find love with her as I have. She always looks for more friends to join the club.

Always just Monika...

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