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Dread X Collection 2: My average Halloween night


To the people who read my work (the very few who do), you might notice that I have been uploading more content this month than most of the year. You would be correct in this regard, I been meaning to make Halloween special this year. I want to provide content to you that befitted the spookiest time of the year. I hope you have enjoyed my work.

The puzzles and the comic

The house is something of the hub world, you are trapped there because you have some sort of virus and the only cure is to watch spooky games. The premise is flimsy but perfectly fine. You explore the house while solving puzzles. The puzzles themselves are delightfully macabre, from gathering body parts to put a corpse back together to matching photographs of various human skulls.

Wonderfully camp, but they are fun to solve otherwise. Each tape unlocked also unlocks a comic book page. A new idea in theory but the sound design is not partially for it. The wind is so loud that it drowns out the voice actress. What doesn’t help is that the voice acting for the comic is terrible. Her narration is a persistent, quavering monotone that gets drowned out by the wind. She didn’t have to be there, her absence made the comic infinitely more interesting.

Now here are the games in the collection listed from best to worst!

The games listed from best to worst

  1. Arcadletra

  2. Charlotte’s Exile

  3. Sucker for Love

  4. The Diving Bell

  5. Undiscovered

  6. Squirrel Stapler

  7. Solipsis

  8. Touched by An Outer God

  9. The Thing in the Lake

  10. To the End of Days

  11. The Toy Shop

  12. Another Late Night


The Dread X Collection has a great selection of games to play this Halloween. It's cheap and will occupy you for a while. I had fun and a happy Halloween!

A word to you:

They can dance if they want to.

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