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Glass Masquerade: Beauty is not transparent

Updated: Jul 21, 2020


One of many to come.

Stained glass windows are the best. There is a box blurb for Onyx Lute to use. I am, however serious. It is one of the reasons I adore Catholic Churches and Cathedrals. They are majestic works of art that put most in a state of owe. Now what if you piece together stained glass windows to form culturally significant pictures? I didn’t know I wanted to do that until I realised I had completed about eight puzzles and an hour had past.


There is no story really. The game implies that you are a visitor to the International Times Exhibition. (An exhibition where you have to put the art together....never mind) Once inside you tour the world solving puzzles to produce artworks based on the culture of the country. That is kind of it. I have no complaints, the game does not really need one and it’s better without one.


Each country visited is a puzzle that upon completion will make a picture. It is typical jigsaw puzzle of varying difficultly. Once you complete them you can complete against your time for faster completion and higher score. There is nothing wrong with this gameplay. It is beautiful in it’s simplicity. Glass Masquerade is a relaxing if somewhat easy jigsaw puzzle game that you can put on when you are stressed after a long day’s work. (Be that studying, working a real job or playing Sekiro).

I adore the sound design. The clink the pieces make as they side into place is incredibly rewarding. That is alongside the obvious joy of seeing the pieces make a beautiful whole. I wish there were more then only 27 exhibitions out of the overall 40 (I did not get the DLC where the final 13 are shut behind). I would recommend that you would get all the DLC if you want to see all the countries. You would get about four hours (give or take) without the DLC.

Art-style and Graphics:

I cannot stress enough how beautiful the game looks. The use of stained glass is inspired as well as soft but colourful scheme make Glass Masquerade truly pleasant to look. It is also pleasant to listen. The music, (split and generalised into African countries, Asian countries, Western countries and Northern countries) is relaxing and deeply enjoyable. It can grate if you are stuck in a puzzle for long periods of time but that is rare as most of the puzzles are quite easy.


There is nothing wrong with the performance. It runs perfectly.


Glass Masquerade does not have any real flaws. It’s a practically perfect casual puzzle game, like a day at the spa. I kind of love this game.

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