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Imaginative Spooks: DXC2: Another Late Night



In this next entry into the Dread X Collection, we have Another Late Night. I will not lie, this one is the worst yet. Barely anything happens in it and is only moderately spooky for a little while.

That one late night:

You are at your PC late one night when a moderately sinister presence starts pestering you. It asks you to fulfill a questionnaire, there is some tension but the questions are utterly mundane and innocuous. The questionnaire ends, nothing changes and you are left with a profound sense of anticlimax. I would talk about the gameplay but there doesn't seem to be any. You can click around the computer, but there is little to do with it. You can watch boring videos the devs filmed once upon a time; I personally watched cute rats in guitar bands for a couple of seconds.


But there is nothing to do, no challenge or even a failure state (implied or otherwise). Does this make Another Late Night a game? I am not sure as it seems to be barely a game. You can’t fail the questions; you can’t fail in anything from what I have seen. If there is some sort of failure state then please tell me in the comments. Is Another Late Night even a game? Should it be reviewed here? I mean it is being sold on Steam and included with actual games like Sucker for Love, so it has to be right?


There was a good idea behind Another Late Night. Invasive late-night chat messages asking you progressively threatening and sinister questions sound like a great idea in theory. However, in practice it is maundering, lacking in story or gameplay to offer anything compelling.

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