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Strange monuments...

Apocalyptic fiction has been haunting the human cultural psychic for centuries, all those existential questions that we are afraid of the answer. Are we going to be the kick-ass gun-wielding monster of the wasteland? Why is it only America who seems to be affected by the end of the world? Why is everyone using gas-guzzling cars? This game will not answer any of these highly important questions, kind of like the average television debate between [name of political candidate here] and [name of political candidate here].

Shooting to the end of days:

This is the end.

The world is ending. A meteor is going to collide with earth; there is nothing anyone can do about it. Well, that was rather grim, wasn't it? I think we need to add a gravelly-voiced (yet extremely flat) Clint Eastwood impersonator. That will drive home the existential terror intrinsic to the premise. I think I would like to stress that To The End Of Days is not partially scary. It is rather impossible to be afraid when you have a gun that kills most normal enemies in a single hit (special enemies take six shots). You have more ammo scattered around than the average American high school and health kits instantly restore large portions of health (which regenerates anyway). The aliens are the only enemies that pose any considerable threat, and they can be outdone by simply backpedaling.


At least that's the idea in theory, in reality, the AI is a little stupid. Not so much in tight corridors but in open fields (like the last level), I was able to get past the three aliens by simply exploiting their AI to isolate them. If you go beyond a certain point in the level they will either run away or stand still, confused as to what they are supposed to do. I understand that all the games in this collection were made in ten days so it is understandable to an extent, AI is complicated and you can't make something close to perfect in 10 days.

There is something there.

But unfortunately, the game is very easy as a result. That being said, however, there is a good B movie charm to the game’s story and gameplay. The gravelly-voiced Punisher wannabe, murdering hordes of doomsday cultists and eldritch alien beings, without breaking a sweat or showing the slightest sliver of emotion is pretty amusing. The power fantasy of taking a horde of maniacs and surviving without any stress is fun. The gun feels great to use (highly impactful) and makes you feel very bad-ass.


To The End Of Days is a pretty unremarkable shooter, despite it’s B movie charms. Not the worst out of the collection but one of the lesser entries.

A word to you:

So many tentcles.

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