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Spec Ops the Line: No Heroes here

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

(This review was originally posted on the 11th of April 2017, the review will serve as a stand in for the real one when I get around to it and a display of how far my writing has come, I have brushed it up a bit but I will replay it and review it properly; I hope you understand.)

(All pictures are taken from Steam)

Spec Ops the Line is a one of a kind game, a deeply moving character study into the darkest places of humanity, this review will not do it justice. I will come back to it.

A dead city....

At first Spec Ops the line is a normal modern third person with the air of Call of Duty and or Battlefield, you play as Captain Martin Walker who has been sent into Dubai some months after a series of horrific sands storms have totaled the city. We hear that the military was involved in evacuating the city but it turned sour for reasons not clear at first.


When you start this game it seems like any common garden shooter complete with wise creaking companions and an ‘America is so great’ vibe that constitutes most modern 3rd person shooters. However, over the course of the campaign that vibe melts away to show a truly disturbing story of the horrors of war, PTSD and how even the best of intentions can lead to the worst possible outcomes.

Welcome to Dubai...

I want to call it horror as it does have its fill of really heart wrenching, visually distressing sequences that would classify it as horror third person shooter. The game play is bog standard and nothing special, it is kind of clever in that respect as it allows the player to focus on the story aspects but it does not excuse it entirely as even games with the best of stories should have great game play to back it up (Dark souls, Undertale and Bloodborne to name a few).

They all die..

I cannot really say much more about Spec ops the line. I wish I could, I really wish I could but I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you are prepared to experience a terrific story that is going to make you feel really depressed and shocked at what happens then please pick it up. This game is something special and must be supported.

Just as a side note to anyone who picks this up. Watch the main menu.

“Feel like a hero yet?”

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