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The Witcher enhanced edition: A sad night to remember

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Witcher 3 is one of the best games out there, I will not say more here because that is another review for another day, I was interested in trying out some of the other games in the Witcher series so I thought I would give this one a go, I did not expect the same level of quality as Witcher 3, really I did not. I was warned by friends and fellow reviewers to expect the combat to be not the best. I really did go in with measured expectations. I did not expect it to be this...bad.

(Taken from steam)

The game opens with a cinematic that is voiced over by Vesemir. Geralt’s elderly mentor who tends to narrate all the Witcher games; the cinematic is giving a recap of one of the stories from the first book in The Witcher book series: The Last Wish. It does not make much sense as to why it is here and being told, the editing is awkward, the animation is stiff and uneven and the cinematic goes on for far too long. After waiting for 10 minutes to get to the main menu I have to then sit though another overly long cut scene with stiff hollow performances from all involved and clumsy writing that is hell bent on telling rather than showing which leads to characters telling me what is happening with dialogue that flowed as well as the performers ability to act.

(Taken from Steam)

When the cut scene finally ended I was able to start combat. That was when the brink wall hit me. The ability to deal damage seems wholly bent on some invisible random number generator, sometimes I fling my sword and it hits them but sometimes it does not even though I see the strike land. The same goes for my opponent, sometimes I see the hammer land but nothing happens, I did nothing and somehow did not get hit. It does not help with the fact that the animation for the sword attack is so crap that it seems that I was just hitting him with the butt of my sword, not the blade. I tried to make it work, I wanted to be wrong and the game to be right.

(Taken from GOG )

No. It was the game, after much reading repeating the first level I still could not get the sword to strike consistently, nothing I could do would fix it. I looked for a solution and I could not find any. “Get used to it” was the response the forum posts said. I did try to get used to it. But how can I get used to a combat system that does not register attacks half the time? Even if I did get used to it and it magically started working consistently, the story was not promising with the way it was being told and the voice acting was poor.

(Taken from Steam)

I am sad about this game, really I am. I was hoping for something decent, I know that this was cd projekt red’s first game and from that respect I am able to forgive it of a lot. But in the end the Witcher has aged really badly and sometimes does not work properly.

(Taken from Steam)

I suppose one way The Witcher is redeemed is that it had a hand in creating Witcher 3. It was a learning curb that helped iron out problems for Witcher 2 and helped pave the way for a masterpiece.

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