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Thief 3 Deadly Shadows: Sneaky, snarky

(This is an old review, posted originally on the 8th of October 2017, I have polished it up but I cannot remember everything I have enjoyed and disliked without doing a full replaythrough which I do not have the time for. Consider this a glimpse into how far I have come.)

(All imagines used in this post are from GOG and Steam)

I have heard a lot about the Thief series, considered to be some of the best stealth games out there, as someone who loves the Arkham series and was enjoying Stealth Inc until PS+ stopped me from playing it. Thief 3 will mark the first Thief game I have played and reviewed.

Thief 3, as someone who has never played a Thief game before is a game that I have really enjoyed. I think the stealth mechanics are extremely well defined and fun to use, you have to use and create spots of shadow sneak past your enemies while stealing everything that is not nailed down; combat is there if you need it and it does the job but I felt better knocking people out or not being spotted as being the best way to play the game. I loved the atmosphere; a game that makes you wait on the edge of your seat to see if guards spot you is something to be applauded for by any means (I will give a small gush to the Robbing the Cradle mission later).

The story is decently written for the most part but nothing special, Garrett is a master thief who just wants to meet his payments and keeps getting dragged into intercity conflict between the Hammerrites and pagans or between keepers and an evil hag who wants to become an invincible world destroyer because why not? It is compelling and gets the job done but that is kind of it really. Now for that Robbing the Cradle mission, without giving too much away I think it is a masterpiece in creating a horror atmosphere, the way the lights brighten and dim like a heartbeat to the distant howls of long suffering ghosts make it one of the best levels I have ever played, get this if you just want to experience that one mission, trust me it is worth the rest of the game!

Voice acting as par for the course of late 1999 and early 2000’s voice acting, which means it is a mixed bag, Garrett is voiced wonderfully by Stephen Russell and some of the supporting cast (I cannot find the names of them sadly) are done pretty well, however some namely the guards, pagans and some of the shop owners have really bad line delivery that make their darkly humorous lines come off very flat at best and cringe worthy at worst.

When the opportunity came up for me to buy one of the Thief games I opted for the 3rd entry under the small fear that the older (and from what I have heard slightly better) installments might not run very well on modern machines. I will not deny that I had to mod it(please get the Sneaky thief update from Nexus Mods if you want to buy this) it still ran fairly well.

Overall despite uneven voice acting and a starting struggle to run well, Thief 3 is well worth a look at!

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